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Services:Bio Mechanical Assessment and Insole

Biomechanics of Foot and Ankle

Alignment of the feet and ankle have significant ramifications for not only foot and ankle health but also reducing the risk of knee, hip and spinal complications. It can affect postures well as our functional movements such as walking and running. Biomechanical exam and gait analysis is a comprehensive assessment of your feet and ankle. Our Physiotherapists are experts in treating biomechanical foot pain refers to symptoms arising or caused by abnormal alignments. We are analysing your biomechanics to identify the misalignment and implement a specific treatment plan.

The common Biomechanical dysfunctions of the feet are.

The human body is rarely completely symmetrical. This could be due to injuries, traumas or it could be sometimes you were born with, this can cause aches, pain in the feet, low back, and any lower limb joints. Correct footwear and orthotics can help re-align and control the movement of the foot in turn relieving stress and pain in the joints of the feet and lower limbs. At Risen Physiotherapy Clinic we are Chartered Physiotherapist, specialises in identifying biomechanical issues and providing strategies to correct any insufficiencies and orthotic prescriptions.

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